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5 things to do during this lockdown, No. 3 will turn your life around.

Posted by on April 18, 2020 0

As the lockdown continues, most of us are tired of staying at home already and boredom is killing us daily. Some run of routine to do and some gets really tired as the daily routine has become monotonous. 
In the bid to help you out, betajamz has come up with lists of things you could do that may be very beneficial to you, Financially and physically. 
1. Reading Book.:

As the lockdown continues, this is a good time to study those books you have been procrastinating on. The books you can read at this period range from motivational books, entertainment books or books related to your field. 
2. Online courses/ Learn how to cook different dishes online:
To increase your chance of being employed in this country, you would need professional certificates to fastened your employment. Why not seize this opportunity to take online course? You will be glad you did. Recommended online courses are:
Human Resource management 
Project management 
Video editing and others. 
On the hand, some of found it difficult to cook or hardly have time to hit the kitchen. Grab this opportunity now, go online and google how to cook different dishes and practice it. 
3. Learn new skills:
Your skills can make you an employer, hope you know? I’m not trying to sound like a motivational speaker here but getting yourself equipped with skills now will go a long way paving ways for you among ur peers. Skills can be:
Web development
Online Marketing
Graphic design
Statistics Data Analysis, etc.
4. Exercise:

While on the lockdown, some of us will come out fat lol. This is the best time to go on exercise, you can do this around the corner of your house. This will improve your strength and fitness. 
5. Watch movies:
This is very important. What are those long or time consuming movies you have been dodging? This is the time to finish them all. Use part of your lockdown period to watch some movies. Should I recommend? 
i. Money heist. 
ii. Game of thrones 
iii. Bloodshot and others. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this! Keep visiting as more educative, entertainment posts roll in everyday for you and you alone. 


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