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[Betajamz Assessment] You’re given an opportunity to sign one of these 7 Kogi East fast rising artistes, Who will you sign?

Posted by on March 20, 2020 0

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You’re given an opportunity to sign any of the following Kogi East Fast rising singers/rappers. Who will you sign and what are your reasons. 
They have tried their best, making hits after hits but our people has failed to invest in them and help them making it to top. 
Tribalism in the Music Industry is really having effects on this prolific singers. If they are given opportunity to perform on a larger platform, I believe they will bring the crown home. 
So, if you’re in the position to sign one of them, who will you sign? Drop your comments.
Kelly Jay Evergreen
Alex Chizar
Prince Solo 

OD Tension

Who will you sign? 


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