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The Nigerian rap veteran is out with a fresh tune with Nigerian no_ 1 OBO Davido, after all the drama of the big diss he had with rap legend MI Abaga…..

There are so many areas in the lyrics of this song that we need to take note of, and this is very unusual about vector using things like this in his lyrics plainly.
We all that davido is part of a CULT called BLACK AXE virtually all his 30 BG gang members. But to our surprise vector said so many things in terms of this very cult BLACK AXE. TAKING A closer look at the lyrics of the song vector said that Erora shey Kaluba da, Kaluba reee and Kaluba means money in AYEE. 
He still went on to say, Who dey, iyen lomo awon FEARLESS which is a popular slang also.
Na MEN full 30BG I fit mount you 30BG Protect you for life. AYEE people always call them selves MEN and they always back each other no matter the situation.

Davido can be very accommodating and MAYBE vector is a WANNABE 30BG. VECTOR always claim LAFIAGI which is known for the color RED And WHITE which is the color for another gang called AMICCI and he always claim and rock the color RED and WHITE. So which is which, if vector is a gang member he should make it clear like the other artist who don’t mind to claim.

So the big question is has vector always been a member of this gang group or he is trying to kiss Davido’s feet  ???


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