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Ramadan Kareem!!! 7 things you must not do while fasting. If any of them happens, go and drink water.

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In the spirit of the Ramadan, we decided to come through with some tips on an acceptable fasting for our Muslim subscriber. This 7 tips are not all the don’ts while fasting, there are many more but only this few we can cover for now. As composed by Mallam Mustapha Adams.
  1. Taking something that is not feeding through the normal opening- the mouth- abdomen, such as swallowing stone or dust.
  2. If a fasting person eats or drinks thinking that the sun has set or takes sahur (pre dawn meal) thinking that dawn has not risen yet then realizes he has mistaken, he must make up for the fast.
  3. If a fasting person  cures a wound in his/her abdomen or head and the medicine he/she used reaches his /her abdomen or head, his/her fasting is invalidated because of that.
  4. Some scholars also said, Applying drops to the ear or the nose invalidates fasting.
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5. Menstuation (Hayd) and post natal       bleeding (Nifas) also invalidate fasting.
6. Smoking also invalidate fasting because the smoke inhales go through the openings.
7. If a person intends to break his fasting, his fasting is invalidated because of such intentions even if he/she didn’t eat or drink…unless its a case of sickness were he/she is not sure if he can continue the fasting.
You can add the others we didn’t add in the comment section for our readers.

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