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Ramadan Kareem!! Benefits of Fasting you must know

Posted by on May 4, 2020 0

Today,  we come through with the benefits of Fasting. Previously we discussed on do and don’ts in fasting but today, we bring to you the benefits one derive from fasting. As composed by Mallam Mustapha Adam.

1. Fasting Implants within the believer what may be called Endowment (Malakah) of piety and helps him get accustomed to submissiveness and obedience to Allah. 
2. Fasting is a means of discipline through which the believer is taught how to fear Allah, in one of the best ways of disciplining; when fasting, he can see his wife,food drink in front of him many times but “each time” he restrains his hunger, thirst and sexual lust for the sake of Allah. This moreover inculcates and implants in him the faculty of being patient. That is why the prophet (P.B.U.H) says “Fasting is half of patience” as narrated by Ibn Majah.
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3. Fasting moreover helps man to be familiar with Loving good for others and doing it to them strengthens the passion of mercy and fraternity among Muslims. This is because the rich when fasting can feel and actually estimate how hard and painful hunger and depreciation is to the poor as there compulsorily pay the fast breaking Zakkah to the poor.
4. Conclusively, Fasting renews the life of a fasting person, as it refreshes the cells of his body and allows his stomach and the rest of his digestion system to rest for some time during the period of fasting. In this way by virtue of fasting the body gets rid of the excrements precipitated in it and the bad remains that may have been left behind in the stomach.
The above mentioned are the benefits derive from fasting. You can feel and add the benefits not added. 


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