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Tips to know that your partner has fallen out of love and you’re dating yourself. No. 3 is very common.

Posted by on April 17, 2020 0

When asked what love is, you will  see different meanings and definitions from many perspectives. Some may define it to suit their situation while some will clearly state what love is. 

Some said love is a tyrant to the heart and it listens to the feelings from the other person but what if the feelings from the other person isn’t forthcoming?

To me, Love is a complex set of emotions and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.
Having known that, let’s talk about the topic of the day, how do you know when your partner has fallen out of love and you’re dating yourself?

We have taken our time to ask questions and make our research, the following are signs that your partner is no more into you like he/she used to

1. When he/she doesn’t care about your well being. Like ignoring your calls and messages or even avoid you. 

2. When a he/she has fallen out of love, what ever the partner does become a disturbance to them. 
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3. When they no longer care like they use to, calls and texts reduce, get angry at the slightest provocation, always finding faults. And even after sitting and talking about it, You still see no changes.

4. When you’re the only one trying to make things work.

5. A partner will go out of his/her way to make sure you hear from him or her almost every minute, but when the love is no more there, they can stay for days, weeks and even months without hearing from him/her and  will still not be bothered.

6. Conclusively, when every of your little mistake irritates your partner, when you see yourself comparing your partner with some persons or ur ex.
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The aforementioned and many others are tips to know that things are not going as planned but when this happened, try and sit your partner down and discuss about it as communication is a vital key in every relationship. But when it doesn’t work, it is proper you leave that relationship you’re not appreciate. 

You can add what we failed to add in the comment section. 

Special thanks to:
Naomi Ibrahim 
Adeyemi Adegoke 
Isah Fatima
Uneku Khadija 


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